• Israel appears on UNHRC blacklist of states punishing rights activists

    The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) added on Wednesday evening Israel to a list of states which have been committing human rights abuses against activists.

  • Palestine and the United Nations: 70 years on

    Palestine’s story at the United Nations began on 29 November 1947, with the UN General Assembly’s (UNGA) adoption of Resolution 181. The so-called “Partition Resolution” proposed, for first time in history, to divide a homeland into two states. Seven full decades since the adoption of this resolution, the Palestinian people, whether in exile or under occupation, has continued to suffer the consequences of the lack of international action in order to fulfill their inalienable rights.

  • Palestinian organisations submit evidence to ICC prosecutor on crimes committed in West Bank

    Yesterday , four Palestinian human rights organisations submitted their fourth substantive communication to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, alleging that high-level Israeli civilian and military officials have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem.

  • A monster swallowing Palestinian lands in Nablus

    Israeli settlements swallow Palestinian land, don’t spare even trees, and take over whatever land they could, expanding in all directions, and cutting off Palestinians cities.

  • Is Abbas ready to end his punishment of Gaza?

    As the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Ismail Haniyeh, made his way back to the Gaza Strip after an 11-day trip to Cairo, during which he announced the dissolution of the administrative committee in Gaza and agreed to reconcile with Fatah, the residents of the territory waited for the punishing measures taken against them by Ramallah to be cancelled. They are still waiting.

  • Palestinian President Abbas says peace closer with Trump engaged

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressed optimism on Wednesday about reaching a peace agreement with Israel this year and said US President Donald Trump’s commitment to the issue would help create the “deal of the century” in the region.

  • Abbas: PA government to undertake its duties in Gaza next week

    President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, on Wednesday announced that the PA government will head to the Gaza Strip next week to start assuming its responsibilities toward Palestinians there.

  • Hamas welcomes Abbas’s remarks on government’s coming to Gaza

    The Hamas Movement has welcomed Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas’s announcement that the government in Ramallah would come to the Gaza Strip, affirming that it would cooperate with it to ensure its success in its mission.

  • Foreign ministry: Netanyahu’s General Assembly speech “misleading”

    The Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs has strongly criticized the speech Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu delivered recently at the UN General Assembly, describing it as “misleading and full of nonsense talk.”

  • Israel’s information war

    Like “information warfare” generally, Israel’s information war takes a number of forms. On the one hand it disseminates information in order to discredit its enemies and possibly even blackmail them into submission. Its information war also seeks to influence opinions to suit its own ends. Into this category comes propaganda, which is the general use of “biased or misleading” information put into the public domain in order to promote a particular point of view, or justify an otherwise unjustifiable action.