• Qais Abdel Karim : We look forward to a Russian and international compressing position on Israel to end its occupation and to stop the settlement

    Comrade Qais Abdul Karim, (Abu Laila) ,a deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine , the Palestinian Legislative Council's member, and the head of the DFLP delegation to Moscow dialogues, delivered a speech , in which he thanked Vitaly Naomkin the head of the Institute of Orientalism in Russia , and the President Putin and the Foreign Minister Lavrov on their care and support to end the division and to build the Palestinian unity and cause and to ensure the national rights of our people.

  • Netanyahu implements his vows to appease the settlers of Amona

    Israeli right wing Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu began carrying out his vows last Dec. 15th in an attempt to appease the settlers of Amona settlement outpost before demolishing any stone there. At the time, he said that he ordered to speed up the demolition of the illegal construction in the Negev, Wadi Ara, the Galilee and the Center area and in all parts of the country, this way equalizing between who builds at their own lands and those who build on occupied and looted ones.

  • Fear, Trauma and Healing: A Scientific Analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian Relationship

    An approach designated as “evolutionary” can be employed in reference to two outlooks on global ethnic conflicts in general, and the Israeli/Palestinian one in particular. A Conservative and Neo-Liberal interpretation of Darwinism employs an approach whereby only the strongest peoples survive in a multi ethnic land.

  • Beware the ‘Two-state Solution’

    “Tomorrow will look different — and tomorrow is very close.” So said Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahuin response to the just-concluded Paris conference on Middle East peace, which he denounced as “rigged”.

  • Palestinian MKs say new law passed by the Knesset aims to annex West Bank

    The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, passed a controversial bill on Tuesday that would allow verdicts from military court proceedings in the occupied West Bank to be submitted as evidence in Israeli civilian courts, a move which critics claim is another step aiming to illegally annex the West Bank by applying Israeli domestic laws in the territory.

  • Ashrawi: It is evident that Israel and managed to water down Paris Declaration

    PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi on Wednesday released a statement extending gratitude and appreciation to the French government for its initiative to organize an international peace conference of foreign ministers and diplomats in Paris on January 15, and for putting the Palestinian issue back on the global agenda.

  • Palestinian factions announce deal to form National Unity Gov’t after talks in Moscow.

    After three days of talks in Moscow, the main Palestinian parties, Fatah, Hamas, and others on Tuesday evening announced deal to form a national unity government ahead of the upcoming municipal elections, after three days of talks in Moscow.

  • Newly-released Salah: Israeli threats will never dampen my spirits

    Head of the Islamic Movement in 1948 Occupied Palestine, Sheikh Raed Salah, said the nine months he spent in an Israeli jail will only make his anti-occupation voice louder and his pro-Al-Aqsa activism stronger.

  • Gaza siege prevents disability campaigner from receiving award

    The chairman of an NGO that provides vital assistance to people with disabilities in the besieged Gaza Strip has been prevented from travelling to Austria to receive an international award for the work he and his charity do.

  • Specialists, MPs urge radical solutions to Gaza power crisis

    Palestinian specialists and lawmakers have called for necessarily finding radical solutions to the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip and avoiding temporary and piecemeal solutions.