• With anti-BDS laws and a pro-Israel parliament, Zionist hasbara is winning in Italy

    A proposed law awaiting consideration by the Italian parliament is set to punish those calling for a boycott of Israel. In the past, such an initiative would have been unthinkable. Alas, Italy — a country with historic sympathies for the Palestinian cause — has shifted its politics in a dramatic way in recent years. Most surprisingly, though, is that the Left is as implicated as the Right in the rush to please Israel, at the expense of Palestinian rights.

  • Barghouti: Israeli settlement activity doubled after election of Trump

    According to Mustafa Barghouti MP, and Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, Israeli “settlement expansion” has increased by more than 100% while Donald Trump has been president.

  • Why Israel does not want a sovereign Palestinian state

    How many Israeli settlers – or settlement houses – until a two-state solution is impossible? That's the question we should be asking our politicians, who frequently refer to a "closing window of opportunity" for a Palestinian state in light of Israeli "facts on the ground".

  • Dr. Ashrawi condemns Israel’s recent acts of land theft and mass expulsion

    PLO Department of Culture and Information have published a press release by PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi in which she condemns Israel’s confiscation of 50 dunams in Bethlehem to expand the illegal settlement of Ma’ale Rehavam and its recent plans to annex Palestinian land, including the displacement of about 300 Palestinians from their homes and agricultural lands in the Ein al-Hilweh and Umm al-Jamal villages located in the northern Jordan Valley, the destruction of six buildings inhabited by hundreds of Palestinians in the town of Kufr ‘Aqab, and the demolition of residential buildings in the Occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Issawiya. She said,

  • The US approves imposing a financial Siege on Hamas

    The Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US House of Representatives yesterday approved a law against Hamas movement on charges of practicing what it called “terrorist activities” and claiming that it used Palestinian civilians in Gaza as human shields.

  • IOF arrests, assaults Palestinian children in Qalqilya

    The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday assaulted a group of Palestinian children for allegedly throwing stones at the IOF soldiers in Azzun town to the east of Qalqilya city.

  • Calls on PA government to fulfill its pledges regarding Rafah crossing

    The National Movement to Break the Siege on Gaza on Wednesday asked the Palestinian Authority (PA) government to fulfill its promises to open Rafah crossing.

  • Democratic bill to ensure US aid to Israel not used to abuse children

    10 Democratic members of Congress introduced legislation last Tuesday that would attempt to prohibit US military and financial aid to Israel from being used to detain and abuse Palestinian children in the West Bank.

  • Egyptian source: PA, Fatah manipulating Rafah card at expense of Gaza

    An Egyptian source denied claims that the Palestinian Authority (PA), chaired by Mahmoud Abbas, officially asked Egypt on November 15 to unblock Rafah border-crossing with Gaza.

  • Taysir Khaled: Reliance on political bargains that ignore the international law is a waste of time

    The member of Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization, Taysir Khaled, said that the leaks which have been launched by political and media circles, about the US administration's intention to propose what it calls a " bargain of the age" that has nothing to do with the resolutions of international legitimacy, will face a Palestinian rejection. He stressed at the same time, on the need to go back to the decisions of Palestinian Central Council and the Executive Committee of PLO, and to rebuild the relationship with Israel as a colonial, settling, apartheid and racial discrimination state.