• Ben-Gurion letter sheds new light on Nakba

    Research on historical Palestinian and Zionist documents has shed new light on the details of the Nakba, when 750,000 Palestinians were driven by the homes in 1948. According to Hossam Shaker, who is leading the research team looking at the documents, they reveal the deliberate policy adopted by the nascent state of Israel to prevent Palestinian refugees from returning to their homes.

  • Prisoner complains of not being able to see his family

    Palestinian prisoner Hazem Meslemani has complained that his jailers in Megiddo prison persistently deprive him of seeing his family during visit times.

  • Hamas: Amnesty report politicized, unprofessional

    Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, refused the Amnesty International’s report on charging Hamas of committing war crimes in Gaza Strip.

  • Protest in Taiba against exploiting children

    Dozens of Palestinian activists in Taiba city in 1948 Occupied Palestine participated in a protest demonstration against holding a meeting between Palestinian minors and an Israeli sniper soldier.

  • Egypt military destroyed 521 Gaza tunnels

    The Egyptian army has destroyed 521 entry points to tunnels under the border with the Gaza Strip, which has been subject to an Israeli blockade for the past eight years, a report says.

  • EU Parliament delegation to visit imprisoned PLC Speaker

    Representative of the European Free Alliance (Greens) Elizabeth Nebreda slammed Tuesday during a phone call with Palestinian PM Mushir al-Masri the continued arrest of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Speaker Aziz Dweik in Israeli jails.

  • 171 stranded Palestinians return to Gaza

    Maher Abu Sabha, director of border crossings in the Gaza Strip, said that at least 171 stranded Palestinians in Egypt were managed to the return the Gaza Strip on Tuesday via Rafah border crossing.

  • Israel breaches truce, hits blockaded Gaza with spates of air strikes

    The Israeli occupation warplanes launched a series of air raids on the blockaded Gaza Strip early Wednesday morning in another flagrant violation of the Cairo-brokered ceasefire deal.

  • Israel, Palestinians pull back after Gaza exchange of fire

    Israel and Palestinian militants appeared to be pulling back on Wednesday from further hostilities after Israel responded with air strikes to a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

  • The struggle of the Palestinian people from the Nakba till the revolution

    The catastrophe of 1948 resulted in a huge vacuum as the Palestinian people found itself without a leadership after the political, social and economic structures crashed and the distribution of Palestinian refugees after the Nakba as following: